The Automize Mission

To help businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations automate, systemize, and optimize their marketing and lifestyles.

What we do

Automize is the latest venture from "serial problem solvers" and co-founders Chris Brisson and Trevor Mauch.

We've put all of our passion and experience into automating and optimizing the digital marketing efforts (teleseminars, webinars, sms text, and mobile marketing) for our own companies with simple as heck to use software... and we're now helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

How we do it

Since 2005 we've been growing our own online and offline businesses and sold millions of dollars of products and services online. In the process we discovered that time is our best asset, so we set out to discover ways to reclaim our time and automate aspects of our digital marketing using easy to use software... so we can optimize our lifestyles and make business more fun.

In 2010 Automize was born and launched AutoTeleseminar, as service that automates your best teleseminars to feel 100% live. It works so well in fact, that companies like Zappos, The American Home Owners Association, and numerous New York Times best selling authors and Inc. 500 companies now rely on our services to help them reclaim their time and make more money in the process.

With Automize we make it easy and affordable for you to put your best digital marketing campaigns on autopilot without needing any fancy dancy programming skills or specialized knowledge. We strongly believe that integration is your best friend, so our services are designed to work together and directly integrate with the systems you're already using.

Why we do it

Automize is the result of 5 years of "in the trenches" experience selling our own products and services online. Since then we've sold millions of dollars worth of products online, and have frankly learned a lot in the process - things like marketing, conversion, creating effective systems, and direct response marketing.

By creating Automize, we've taken all of our knowledge and experience with selling online and offline and put together fun and easy to implement automation software to give you everything you need to automate your best teleseminars, webinars, sms text, and voice marketing - so you can work less, make more money, and have more fun doing it.

Up until we came together to form Automize, automating aspects of your digital marketing was clunky, disconnected, and not fun at all. We hope we're changing all of that for you.

With Automize we're stoked to announce that we're not just about software and all of that geeky stuff. We're entrepreneurs too - and in the end our mission here at Automize is to help you Automate your digital marketing, systemize your business, and optimize your lifestyle. Because we love entrepreneurs, we love to talk to our customers. Our second to none support, real world experiments on automation, marketing, and lifestyle design, and our entrepreneur case studies are all part of our mission to help you "Automize" your business and lifestyle.