How To Get Amazing Customer Testimonials

How to Generate Testimonials

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Want to know the biggest obstacle why people don’t buy from you?

They Don’t Believe You.

Seriously, there’s hype all around us. When you hear the statement… “Lose 30 lbs in 14 days!” inside your mind you consciously or unconsciously say, “Bulls***.”

That “Bulls***” is what you, as an entreprenuer, a business owner, and marketer need to overcome this menta barrier as why people don’t buy your products or services. You know it’s there, you know it’s coming, so how do you defeat this?

You do it by providing testimonials, case studies, and hard core PROOF about your product or service.

Here’s a few ways how to generate AWESOME customer testimonials…

1. Facebook Testimonials

Since everyone is already on Facebook and most likely checking out the site a few times a day, it’s a great way to solicit testimonials from your customers. Easily create a Fanpage and a post asking what their biggest takeaway they received from your product/course/etc and link to it by sending out an email.

2. Automate Your Customer Getting Testimonials

The best way to get testimonials is to setup an email autoresponder (like AWeber) to ASK FOR IT. After someone purchases your product on day 25 or day 30, ask them how the product is working for them and link to a page where they can give you a testimonial, or by simply replying back.

3. YouTube Reviews

Let’s face it, video is the big deal. Not many people want to read, but they love to LISTEN. Ask your customers or even people that have attended a webinar or teleseminar or yours what theyr biggest takeaway was and ask for it in video format.

They can easily create a quick video, upload it, and send it over to you. It has a viral effect and also provides great proof amongst your potential customers.

Overall, start ASKING FOR THEM. You’ll need ‘em!

What are your favorite ways to generate testimonials?

Leave a comment below…

- Chris

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