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Brilliantly Executed Marketing Campaigns In Action

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Marketing ideas are a dime a dozen. I’ve had (and heard) tons of them. But the big thing that really makes a marketing campaign decent versus one that absolutely crushes it and has people falling over themselves to work with you… is… … brilliant execution. Let me say that again… brilliant execution. 2 Recent Examples of Brilliantly Executed Marketing Campaigns Brilliant Marketing Campaign #1: This campaign is going on right …….

Embed on your Website Marketing Automation So think about it… What my MOM thinks I do My mom still recommends me to fix their or their friends computer. “Oh Chris, he’s good with computers and the internet. Call him maybe he knows why our computer is slow!” Marketing and computer repair have nothing in common. What SOCIETY and everyone thinks I do When I mention that I do online marketing …….

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Awesomely creative idea from Volkswagon for mixing normal run of the mill advertising with technology.  This should open up that creative element in ya today Check out the video below… How can you get your customers and prospects to interact more WITH your marketing and advertising… rather than make your marketing and advertising a “passive” 1 one thing? Hit me with cool ideas you got from this video or cool …….

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