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iTalkFast – Want to Learn 2.5 Times Faster? Here’s how…

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Have you ever been listening to an interview, or a video from a course you just bought, or an audiobook and wish you could go through it twice as fast? There have been studies done that our brains can process information much faster than us humans can talk… so essentially, we’re only using our brains to a fraction of their capacity when we’re learning, listening to an audiobook, watching a …….

How To Effectively Outsource – My 3 Biggest “Can’t” Live Without Them Tips


So, you’re an entrepreneur and you have too damn much stuff on your plate and you realize you need to hand stuff off to other people. Awesome! This post will show you how to not end up crying like a 3 year old after hiring outsourced / remote workers (ask me how I know ;-). You’ll wish you would have done it earlier So… you’ve never really known how to …….