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10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Business

Business Pitfalls

Just last night I was reading a customers website The Esquire Project and came across some an interesting article that I think you’ll enjoy. It hit home with me and maybe you too. Enjoy… 1. Not showing appreciation for those who support and patronize you. (The little things that go a long way: A thank you letter, an honest compliment, volunteering a service or getting a small gift for those …….

Entrepreneur Interview: Dane Maxwell and How To Build Income Predictability Into Your Business

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A few months back I watched a Mixergy episode where this guy named Dane Maxwell (smart dude for sure) talked about how he’s started a few small software companies that have pumped predictability into his life as an entrepreneur. No matter what business you’re in… Author Expert Coach Local service business Hard products seller Software Online publishing A big ass bank or something… … predictability (as far as revenue goes) …….

iTalkFast – Want to Learn 2.5 Times Faster? Here’s how…

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Have you ever been listening to an interview, or a video from a course you just bought, or an audiobook and wish you could go through it twice as fast? There have been studies done that our brains can process information much faster than us humans can talk… so essentially, we’re only using our brains to a fraction of their capacity when we’re learning, listening to an audiobook, watching a …….