Brilliantly Executed Marketing Campaigns In Action

Marketing ideas are a dime a dozen. I’ve had (and heard) tons of them.

But the big thing that really makes a marketing campaign decent versus one that absolutely crushes it and has people falling over themselves to work with you… is…

… brilliant execution.

Let me say that again… brilliant execution.

2 Recent Examples of Brilliantly Executed Marketing Campaigns

Brilliant Marketing Campaign #1: This campaign is going on right now. You may have even seen it floating around the net the last couple months.

the foundation marketing campaign in action

Check out the full Foundation marketing campaign in action, great stuff

  • What: The Foundation (a “how to create a business in software” community) See The Campaign: Go here to see it from the start <<
  • Why It’s Brilliant Execution: On the surface, theFoundation is just a training program and community for people who want to get freedom by starting a software company. But, at the core of its success… as you’ll see, is they barely ever focus on how to actually create software in the campaign videos. Most videos are about helping the viewers blast through barriers in their lives, see the possibilities, and then one critical “how to” that gets the viewers taking action and seeing it work.Second, they’re focusing on one element that humans by nature yearn for more than almost anything. Belonging, community, and sharing the experience with others. Many people are applying mainly because they want to be a part of something. Very very important lesson here for all of us.
  • Results: The campaign is wrapping up at the end of this week, but with virtually no email list to start, and virtually no traditional “joint venture partners / affiliates”, they’ve built an email list well over 10,000, had 1,800 people apply to their program(another huge lesson here, see how they do it throughout the entire campaign rather than only at the end), and they’ll accept 300 people into a very high end (expensive) program.I have no doubt it’ll fill up on Friday. And the key is, they won’t be paying a large hunk of their revenue to affiliates… because they executed brilliantly… took ideas from outside the “IM” market, and attracted the right customers (people who are crazy passionate about them, fans for life, and who want to truly work hard to change their lives).

 Head over here to see the entire campaign (notice they put out 7 videos, rather than the “normal” industry standard 3.)

Brilliant Marketing Campaign #2: This campaign is in a “traditional” boring business. Razors. You’ve probably seen it in fact. But this 1 video campaign built a 7 figure business literally in a matter of a month… selling shaving razors to men delivered to your home automatically each month.

Dollar Shave Club Marketing Campaign

DollarShaveClub Video... Brilliant Schtuff :-)

  • What: The Dollar Shave Club (auto delivery shaving razors. Ya, boring right?)
  • See The Video That Started It All:
  • Why It’s Brilliant Execution:How many times have you put up a Youtube video? What were your goals and expectations going in? Well, in an interview I read w/ Mike, the founder of DollarShaveClub (he’s actually the dude in that video) he said they were banking their business on that video working. So, if you’re banking your business on a marketing campaign, how hard are you going to work to make sure it kills it? Pretty damn hard. Most marketers throw out idea after sloppily executed idea waiting for one to stick.These guys worked for weeks and weeks writing the script for that 90 second video. He even hired someone experienced in comedy writing and comedy video. The video bucks the trend for how razors or normally sold… entertains people… and makes a solid offer at the end. Brilliant.
  • The Results: The video was posted on Youtube on March 6th, within a two months they had over 100,000 customers paying a monthly feeto get razors delivered to their door.Now, the video has over 6 million views on Youtube alone… and 7 months later that video is still the driving force of their PR and momentum.

3 Types Of Execution (Which Do You Usually Do?)

Most marketers are too busy focusing on pushing out more marketing campaigns, rather than making one or two epic campaigns a year. Here are the 3 levels of marketing campaign execution.

  1. Looking at someone elses… copying it... and throwing it out there
    1. Takes the least amount of time to do
    2. Gets the lowest results
  2. Emulating something else that worked, but then putting your own research in, getting to know your ideal customer inside and out, and putting time thinking about the “hook” and offer before you dive in and create it.
    1. Takes more time than #1
    2. Gets great results… most would say this campaign “crushed” it
  3. Brilliant execution. Taking solid principles that you know work, from other industries (not your own), mapping out an entire campaign where all of the pieces play off of each other, it’s different than something your market has seen, the quality of it was top notch, and people literally start falling over themselves to work with you.
    1. Takes the most amount of time and focus
    2. Results… you get insane results and feel more fulfilled (and have more fun doing it)

You know brilliant marketing execution when you see it.

That video that went viral and created a business overnight.

That “launch” that has thousands of Facebook Shares and hundreds and hundreds of comments from people who are passionate and excited about the launch (not hundreds of comments from people who are skeptical, looking for something for nothing, etc).

You can get tons of engagement from a marketing campaign that falls into #1 and #2 above. But, the big difference is the quality of that engagement is HUGELY DIFFERENT.

In a brilliantly executed campaign… the audiences passion, fun, and excitement shine through. Not their neediness and skepticism.

A brilliantly executed campaign is much more than something that is created and thrown up in a week or two. Often times they can take months to put together… but get results 10-20x campaigns you spend less time on.

How brilliantly are you executing your marketing campaigns?

How much do you look outside of your own industry to create ideas that your market hasn’t seen before?

How are you creating community around your own marketing campaigns and giving your prospects that feeling that they’re joining a movement rather than buying a product?

Check out these two Brilliantly Executed Campaigns again... and get inspired to get focused and execute a brilliant campaign before the year is out.

- Campaign #1: TheFoundation Campaign
- Campaign #2: Dollar Shave Club 

Hit me with your thoughts… and if you’ve seen other brilliantly executed campaigns this year… post them in the comments box below! :-

PS – The video in theFoundation marketing / education based marketing sequence called “How To Discover Your Hidden Blindspots Crippling Your Potential” is one of the best “launch” videos I’ve ever seen. Huge engagement on it… and it helps people break through barriers right then and there. Check that video out… over and above marketing… it is something all of us as entrepreneurs can and should go through from time to time.

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  1. Trevor,
    I’ve been watching both of these launches diligently, nothing short of amazing!! I’m a dollar shave customer:) and Dane has been, yes BRILLIANT, at helping people bust thru their own ‘junk’.
    Thanks for critiquing these 2 launches.

    • Trevor Mauch

      Thanks JD! Awesome! You’re the first real person I’ve met that’s a DSC customer! :-) Solid product and service?

      - Trevor

  2. Killer stuff bro… both of these campaigns crushed. I met Dane at Afest in Maui. He’s a bright and creative dude that is lethal at implementing. I love his “focus on pain” strategy. That is what we did with our software business and it was a huge hit. Our next project we launch will be focused nearly 90 percent on fixing the biggest pain point.

    Keep it up bro!

    Remember… be a servant,


    • Trevor Mauch

      Thanks man! Ya, Dane is a sharp dude.

      Keep me filled in on your next project man. It’s been a while since we chatted. Would love to connect.

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