The Automize Crew

We're a team of young twenty and thirty something designers, developers, and entrepreneurs who are passioniate about business, lifestyle design, automation, and freedom.

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Chris Brisson

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris is the co-founder and CEO of Automize. Chris is the "big idea" guy and has a hand on much of the design elements of Automize services. Chris' energy and vision are a driving force of our growth.


Trevor Mauch

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Trevor is the co-founder and COO of Automize. Trevor focuses on creating epic marketing campaigns, company culture, and PR efforts and loves growing fun businesses that make an impact.


Ronnie Andrews, Jr.

Call Loop CIO

Ronnie Andrews, Co-Founder of Call Loop, a programming genius turned entrepenuer Ronnie comes from the corporate leadership side as he runs a division in the Fortune 500 Billion dollar public Health Provider, McKesson, as the Senior Lead Developer and leads a team of 12 people. Before McKesson worked as a Senior Architect for CheckFree, a division of FirstServ, and for AT&T. He loves to run, read, and long walks on the beach.


Chris Chubb

Call Loop Lead Developer

Chris is the lead developer for Call Loop and heads the development, user interface, and programming to ensure the simpleness of Call Loop is consistent. Chris graduated from Penn State with his Bachelors of Computer Engineering, with a specialization in VLS chip design and soon after received his Masters degree from Virginia Tech. For the last 15 years, Chris has worked and built his own successful software consulting and development firm, Code Gurus. Chris says, “I love to deal with thorny user interface issues and complex data visualization.”


Simon Hamp


I'm British and one awesome developer. I help create the framework, backend, and applications for AutoTeleseminar and AutoWebinar.

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